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Have any questions about the site? The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will answer them!

Q: What is FFXII.Net?
A: FFXII.Net is a Final Fantasy XII source and fansite.

Q: Is Final Fantasy XII an online RPGame?
A: No, Final Fantasy XII is entirely off-line.

Q: Is Final Fantasy XII a multi platform game?
A: No, Final Fantasy XII will only come out for Sony PlayStation2.

Q: Will there be a sequel to Final Fantasy XII?
A: Yes, it's called: Revenant Wings for the Nintendo DS.

Q: Can I affiliate with this site?
A: No sorry, we are not accepting any websites to affiliate with.

Q: Can I advertise on this site?
A: Yes you can, please click Here.

Q: Can I be staff at FFXII.Net?
A: We are currently not looking for more site or forum staff.

Q: Are there any restrictions for using this site?
A: Yes, please read our disclaimer for further details.

Q: What resolution and browser is recommended for this site?
A: This website has been optimised for a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Both Netscape/Mozilla and Opera browsers work fine too. Apart from that, we recommend to use a proper Videocard + Screen to view the site's graphics better.

Q: Is there a place to chat with other fans about Final Fantasy (XII)?
A: Yes, please step by our forums.

Q: Will FFXII.Net cover other Final Fantasy titles in the future?
A: Apart from the FFXII sequel, Revenant Wings, we have currently no plans to cover any other Final Fantasy titles.

Q: Quick, I need to contact FFXII.Net!
A: You can use our Contact form.

Q: Is the FAQ Complete?
A: No, have questions? Refer to the previous Q.

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