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Fan Art / Fan Fictions / Fan Wallpapers
If you have any fan art/ fictions or wallpapers, then please send it to us right away. We only accept Final Fantasy XII related fan fictions, fan arts, and wallpapers.
Please do not send any fan fictions, fan arts, or wallpapers that are not yours, thank you.
Send an email to us with:

> Name
> Email Address

Fan Reviews
We also accept fan reviews! Don't bother to add images to your review, because we will only use the text.
For fan review submissions, please send an email to us with:

> Name
> Email Address
> Hours played
> FFXII Version you own (NTSC-J / NTSC / PAL)

Click here to send us your email!

That's it! Just wait a day and it'll be on the site for millions to see!

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