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These reviews have been written by fans, all credits go to the authors. Images are credited to FFXII.net. They may not be copied, modified or redistributed without permission from the rightful owners, please read the disclaimer.

The reviews have been checked for spelling/grammatical errors and anything that might be explicit. They may contain minor spoilers so read on at your own risk. Your fan review must be over 200 words, no slang and must be fairly formal. Not all fan reviews will be accepted. If you wish to write a fan review, please submit it here.

Fan-Reviews 1 [2]

Review 5    
Author: Mongoose
   Hours played: 160+
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 12 Mar 2006
   Word Count: 1,201

The gameplay is very fluent. It takes a while to get used to it, and I didn't like how you couldn't invert the look command... a minor detail. There was a good flow of bosses, though I found the Elder Wyrm in Golmore to be the hardest storyline boss rather than the last boss. As for sidequests, I found the hunts annoying......
Review 6
Author: OldGamerGal
   Hours played: 210
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 1 Jun 2007
   Word Count: 372

Yes, yes, the graphics were great, you expect that with every new SquareEnix game that comes out, they just get better and better. But working to create super graphics is no excuse for taking away from the really important aspects of any great RPG game, and that's the story and the characters. Here SE failed in a big way with FFXII. Not only were they not very likable you simply didn't care much about them one way or another ......


Fan-Reviews 1 [2]

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