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These reviews have been written by fans, all credits go to the authors. Images are credited to FFXII.net. They may not be copied, modified or redistributed without permission from the rightful owners, please read the disclaimer.

The reviews have been checked for spelling/grammatical errors and anything that might be explicit. They may contain minor spoilers so read on at your own risk. Your fan review must be over 200 words, no slang and must be fairly formal. Not all fan reviews will be accepted. If you wish to write a fan review, please submit it here.

Fan-Reviews [1] 2

Review 1    
Author: Bobbert
   Hours played: 67
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 14 Nov 2006
   Word Count: 555

Good job here. It's almost like a combination of Final Fantasy ATB and Seiken Densetsu. I was a little dubious of it at first, but once you get into it, it becomes very enjoyable. Although, having your characters...... Quite a nice little soundtrack. There are many tracks from FFXII that will stand out in your mind......
Review 2
Author: Jason Thomas
   Hours played: 20 (in 3 days)
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 17 Nov 2006
   Word Count: 239

The graphics are breath taking, the voice acting is on par, and the voice overs are even sync with the mouth movement precisely. I don't want to give anything away but every aspect of this game holds something from other games in the series......


Review 3
Author: Leon van Gurpt
   Hours played: 160 hours+
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 16 Dec 2006
   Word Count: 2045

After finishing the game, you seriously get the idea that the characters were about the last thing they added. There are six characters, of which only 3 are really laced into the story....... the group sets out to help Princess Ashe back on her crown. First they have to get some relics, and then they start hunting for their adversary...... Altogether the battle system can be said to have seriously been improved with this game......
Review 4
Author: Nujtxeng Vang
   Hours played: 70 hours
   FFXII Version: NTSC
   Submitted: 24 Dec 2006
   Word Count: 525

The story was amazingly simple and dull in my opinion with very little twists and turns that would get even a first time player of a Final Fantasy game excited about......As for the storyline of the game, it needs more development. The game was too short, and therefore, did not go into enough depth to make the game complete and worth a second time of playing over......

Fan-Reviews [1] 2

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