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These fanfictions have been written by fans, all credits go to the writers. Images are credited to FFXII.net. They may not be copied, modified or redistributed without permission from the rightful owners, please read the disclaimer.

The fanfictions have been checked for spelling/grammatical errors and anything that might be explicit and have been rated accordingly with what is in its content. They may contain minor spoilers so read on at your own risk.

Please refrain from submitting Yaoi or Lemon/Lime fanfiction as they may not be accepted. If you wish to write a fanfiction, please submit it here. When you submit the your fanfiction or writings or new chapters; please clearly write in this order and label what is necessary;
»The title of your fanfiction:
»Your name:
»The chapter/s and its titles:

Author: Summer
Title: So Does She Weep
Genre: Poem
Chapters: None
Warnings: None

Submitted: 14 Feb 2007
Word Count: 229

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