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Click for full viewFinal Fanasy XII takes place in Ivalice: the land of Final Fantasy Tactics. But FFXII expands upon this world.
We find Ivalice in the middle of the Galtean Peninsula. Its three continents of Ordalia, Valentia, and Kerwon, as well as a number of smaller continents, are spread out across the region. Once united in the Galtean Alliance, the continents of Ordalia and Valentia have since become distant.
FFXII centers primarily around the kingdom of Dalmasca, Nabradia, and the empires of Archadia and Rozarria. These countries are sandwiched in a delicate political balances that soon shatters for an Archadian takeover.
[ Dalmasca ]
The small, proud country to which the majority of our characters belong, the kingdom of Dalmasca is central to the story of FFXII. Because of its strategic location, Dalmasca has prospered as a center for trade. However, because of its placement, the small kingdom is a desirable prize for the Empires battling to the east and west of it. Among Dalmasca's locations are the Royal City of Rabanstre, the Giza Plains, the Estersand and Westersand, the Garamsythe Waterway, the Barheim Passage, and the Nalbina Fortress.
[ Archadia ]
The Archadian Empire is one of the great powers in the world of Ivalice. One of the greatest, in fact. It's struggle for power with the Rozarrian Empire leaves Dalmasca and Nabradia tossing in between as pivotal lands to be captured for supremacy in Ivalice. Among its most impressive locations is the airship-filled Imperial City of Archades. Other places in Archadia include the Tchita Uplands, the Phon Coast, the Sochen Cave Palace, the Draklor Laboratory, the Port of Balfonheim, and the Cerobi Steppe.
[ Nabradia ]
Neighbor to Dalmasca is Nabradia, a kingdom likewise founded by the bloodline of the Dynast-King. The country was allied with Dalmasca through the marriage of Princess Ashe to Prince Rasler. The kingdoms had had a long-standing partnership; Nabradia was responsible for unifying Dalmasca under a single ruler. But both would meet very similar fates in the grand political schemes of their neighbors. Nabradia's Salikawood, Mosphoran Highwaste, Nabreus Deadlands, and the Baknamy headquarters, the Necrohol of Nabudis, are all locations visited in FFXII.
[ Rozarria ]
The Empire of Rozarria to the west is the Ivalice's second greatest power. Less hostile than the always land-hungry Archadian Empire, Rozarria ceased its expansion for a time. But Archadia's invasion of Dalmasca and other lands came as a shock to Rozarria, who could no longer ignore the ever-increasing threat of the eastern empire. For this reason, Rozarria prepared to declared war and engaged in a power struggle that would shake the foundations of smaller nations in between.
While the party never actually visits Rozarria in the game, they make the acquaintance of Al-Cid Margrace, the colorful heir to the Rozarrian throne.
[ Purvama Dorstonis ]
Purvama, the Floating Lands, is one of Ivalice's smaller continents, and one that exists in the sky above the Naldoan Sea, where it can only be reached by airship. The party visits the magnificent Sky City of Bhujerba in these lands, and also the magicite Lhusu Mines, which easily outstrip the profitability of the crystal mines on land below.
[ Jagds ]

Back from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are areas known as Jagds. In these places, airships cannot fly because of the malfunction of the skystones in glossair rings. Without these, airships cannot fly, though the Empires are discovering use of nethicite to overcome this.
The Jagds seen in FFXII are the Yensa (wherein one find the Ogir-Yensa and Nam-Yensa Sandseas, Raithwall's Tomb, and the Zertinan Caverns), Difohr (home of the Feywood, the Golmore Jungle, the Crystal Grande, Eruyt Village, and the Ancient City of Giruvegan), Naldoa (in which one can find the Ridorana Cataract and the Pharos at Ridorana), and Ramooda (which contains the Paramina Rift, Mt. Bur-Omisace, and the Stilshrine of Miriam).

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