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Final Fantasy XII is set in the world of Ivalice, and for years the two Empires of Archadia and Rozarria have been fighting against each other in a bitter struggle. Located in a strategically important corridor between the two powers is the small kingdom of Dalmasca.


Even though an unfortunate encounter in his past left Vaan without a family, he is an optimistic and bright young man yielding from the ancient kingdom of Dalmasca--which has fallen under the control of the Archardian Empire. As a result Vaan becomes a member of the resistance to regain his own sovereignty and in hope that Dalmasca will be liberated from the grip of the Archardian Empire.


Ashe is the sole daughter of the king of Dalmasca and hence the next inline to the throne. Following the invasion of her country, she becomes the leader of the resistance against the Empire. During a wild pursuit, she loses one companion after the other. Despite her desperate situation, she still hasn't lost the pride of a princess. In this situation she meets Vaan, and a joint adventure begins. . .

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