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After years of countless delays and waiting for Final Fantasy XII it has been very exciting to finally see it arrive to our shores. This game turned out to be quite different to what the series have been lately, but it still was a very fun and unique experience. Its surprisingly big and detailed world opened new horizons at how far a single offline RPG can go.

[ Gameplay ]
Gameplay in FFXII had a major revamp from the previous games. Finally able to roam cities and dungeons with a fully rotatable camera feels great. Map design is very neat and it is never too repetitive. It is also nice that most of the areas are huge. You might actually find yourself at loss once you get to places like the city of Rabanastre.

[ Battle System ]
Battle system had a nice change as well. There are no more random battles. Now players are able to find enemies walking on landscapes and they can run up to them to fight. At first it feels a little dull, but once you get a hold of more than one character in your party battles become exciting. The ability to change battle speed and decide if you want to use active or wait modes is a nice touch.

[ Graphics ]
Graphics have big improvements, too. All the locations look simply beautiful. The colors and very detailed textures make everything appear realistic and full of life. Other RPGs feel completely empty after looking at the environments of FFXII. Character models also seemed to be improved. Theyíre much more detailed and donít look as choppy as in FFX. Cutscenes look great as well. Theyíre very cinematic and are just as pleasant to watch as FMV.

[ Sound ]
Music this time around has been composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto who is mostly known for games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. It adds a completely new and different feel to the series, and makes FFXIIís world become much more complete. Most of it is pleasant and sets the mood of each location perfectly. Almost all of the musical pieces are new, but there are some returning tunes that many fans might recognize like the Prelude and Chocobo Theme.

[ Story ]
Story in this game is more mature then in previous games. Itís nice to finally see a political theme as the main target and not some mushy love story. Characterís different personalities are very likable and their development plays a big role in this game. Because of that, itís very easy to get sucked in into their world and their problems.

[ Voice Acting ]
Voice acting is pretty great as well. Perhaps it is even one of the best ones available in RPGs. None of the characters feel dull when they talk. Most of them have interesting intonations and accents. Due to the use of the Shakespearean language combined with different accents itís a bit difficult to catch what theyíre talking about when they speak quickly at first, but you get used to it after a couple of hours.

[ Final Thought ]
Final Fantasy XII is an amazing game with an interesting plot that can easily impress most of the crowd. For those who have been waiting to get an opportunity to play something different and of a good quality, this can be just the right game. Of course those who are afraid of a change or expect this game to be similar to the previous games might want to rent this game first. Either way, this entry into the series brings great innovation and very enjoyable experience that no Final Fantasy fan should miss.

Overall score: 9,5/10

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