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Humans are referred to as Humes in the world of Ivalice. There are many different kinds of Humes in the world with varying levels of intelligence, body features and cultures. Social standards of Ivalice have other anthropoid races on equal terms with Humes, but there are other more intelligent races. These superior races prefer not to show themselves to Humes. There are also other less intelligent races that Humes utlize as slaves for manual labor. Humes make up around 40% of the population of Ivalice.

Tall and thin, vieras are people of the forest. Known for their long, slander bodies, tall ears and beautiful silver hair, the viera can live up to three times as long as average humes. With two different varieties, Veena Viera have white skin and Rava Viera have brown skin. Had it not been for their height and long ears, this race would closely resemble the humes. Having a greater sense of sight, a viera can spot and catch her prey from 10 km in the distance. Viera's great sense of hearing allows them to make out even the different sounds of footsteps.

Over 450 years ago, the ancient homeland of the viera was destroyed in war. Having lost great portions of forest to conflicts, some vieras started to live amongst the Hume. Mixed vieras of Veena and Rava lineage easily integrate with Humes. Pure-blood vieras remained in the forests, keeping their ancient traditions.

The race evolved from reptiles have hard scales that cover their entire bodies. One of their features is the long, low-hanging ears. There are four kinds of bangaas. Bangaa-Ruga have yellow-brown skin with short ears are more gentle than the other bangaas, making them instructors or monks. Bangaa-Faas have bronze skin with great athletic abilities. In the bangaa language, Faas means soldier and they have a strong sense of justice. Bangaa-Bista with their copper skin; Bangaa-Sanga have ash grey skin. While there are four kinds of bangaas, there are also mixed bangaas of different decent.

Other than differences in their physical appearence, the bangaa race have similar intelligence and lifestyles with humes that allow bangaas to fuse in with human society. Bangaas live 1.5x or 2x as long as average humes, but they have low reproductive cycles. Bangaas are physically superior with great hearing and mobility. Due to their voice limits, they can only command low-level magic. There is one that has developed exclusive magic for the bangaa race. Between the Bangaa-Ruga and Bangaa-Faas, they make the laws and keep the order. The Bangaa-Bista and Bangaa-Sanga lead more general lifestyles, which makes it easier for them to integrate with humes. There are rebels among the bangaas, as some Bangaa-Ruga become fighters. Certain bangaas shave their hair and become thugs that attack people. Lizardmen are closely related to bangaas, but they are less intellgent and detested by the bangaa race. Bangaas take offense to people calling them "Lizard guys."

Known for their small bat-like wings, soft hair covering their bodies and the red pom-pom on their heads, the moogles are around 80-120 cm tall. Their intelligence and lifestyles are similar to humes, which makes it easy for moogles to live amongst the humes. With their dexterous hands, they are knowledgable in the field of engineering. It is said that moogles built the first airship, a masterpiece of technological advancement. Most moogles contribute to society with their great engineering capablities.

There are moogles that are so advanced that they are able to learn the ultimate technology called Etoria. While it looks like an ordinary city, there's a capital for moogles at the center of the city that's tailored for the small moogles. Humes and bangaas usually pass through the city. While mostly moogles inhabit the city, there are also unidentified technology that's installed in the city that even moogles do not understand. While not all moogles become engineers, there are a few moogles that become knights or mages. Throughout history, moogle-technology have been used in wars amongst the humes, the different races and against monsters.

The race that evolved from pigs, seeqs are about as tall as humes. They tend to grow fat and their intelligence is not high. While they may look slow, seeqs can be fast and make great fighters. With great offense and defense, their great balance allows for fast movements. Due to their great combat abilities, seeqs make great mercenaries or guards. The seeq is a barbarous race with no morals. A lot of them become thieves, with jewelry and gold being their favorites with which they decorate their ugly bodies.

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