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In Final Fantasy XII, magic is called magick and is generally used to aid party members or damage foes by casting a spell. In order to cast a magick spell, you must purchase the appropriate magick scroll and unlock the required license.
Magick has been divided into 5 categories: White Magick, Black Magick, Green Magick, Arcane Magick and Time Magick. Each category has an own set of spells, selected by their function in battle.
Furthermore, magicks are used at the cost of Mist Points (MP) which prevents magicks from being too powerful and forces you to carefully manage MP.

Click on the specific categories of Magick below to view the detailed list of the corresponding spells.

    + White Magicks

    + Black Magicks

    + Green Magicks

    + Arcane Magicks

    + Time Magicks

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