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Known for their impressive entrances and devastating powers, summoned beasts have always played important roles in the previous Final Fantasy titles. Final Fantasy XII is not any different. This time the summons are named Espers, after the Final Fantasy VI summons. Different from the previous Final Fantasy titles, we meet rare and new summons this time. No more Ifrit, Shiva, Odin etc., but summons known from the Final Fantasy Tactics titles. For some players a nice change, to others a letdown -- but to all a big surprise! The traditional Final Fantasy summons are still connected with FFXII, but this time only their names are used for Airships.
Espers' details
In order to acquire an Esper, you must first defeat the creature in a battle. After its defeat, one character must sign a pact with the Esper, leaving a bond between the two that can not be broken. This means no other character can summon the Esper but the specified character. Similar to Final Fantasy X, summons will be an active member during a battle. Unlike the previous title, the summoner alone remains an active member in the fight. While the Esper is a team member, the Summon command in the menu is replaced by the Dismiss command which the player can use to send the Esper away at any time. The Esper will remain in the party for a limited amount of time, indicated by a row of spheres that disappear one by one over the course of one minute and thirty seconds. If the Esper survives until the time limit reaches zero and if it is not dismissed by the player, it will perform a very powerful attack before leaving the party; the Limit Break. The Esper can be aided in battle with curative magic and items. Espers are only controlled by A.I. and cannot be controlled by the player.
[ Ultima ] Mist Charge: 3 - LP Cost: 90
Title: High Seraph
Zodiac: Virgo
Element: Holy
Abilities: Redemption, Flare
Description: A female Esper in the shape of a beautiful angel. She counts 6 wings in total and hides a gigantic cannon under her dress.
Limit Break: Eschaton. The Esper rises high up in the sky and charges her cannon until it’s strong enough to shoot a devastating powerful beam towards the enemy.
[ Zalera ] Mist Charge: 1 - LP Cost: 25
Title: Death Seraph
Zodiac: Gemini
Element: Death
Abilities: Kill, Shock, Holy
Description: A male Esper in the shape of a terrifying demon. He wears a large cape that hides his body and that of a blindfolded unknown woman.
Limit Break: Condemnation. As Zalera waits patiently, the woman he carries wakes up and screams for her life. Spirits arise and form a source of light, that changes into a dark sludge that falls on the enemy. This causes the formation of twisters surrounding the enemy.
[ Mateus ] Mist Charge: 1 - LP Cost: 25
Title: Corrupt
Zodiac: Pisces
Element: Ice
Abilities: Attack, Cura, Flash-Freeze
Description: A male Esper that has bound a frozen Goddess and is using her as a living shield. She wears a royal outfit and holds a great staff in her right hand.
Limit Break: Frostwave. The Esper dives underwater and attaches a spell on his staff. It then launches the staff towards the enemy, causing a great splash surrounding the enemy which freezes at its maximum.
[ Zeromus ] Mist Charge: 2 - LP Cost: 50
Title: Condemner
Zodiac: Cancer
Element: Gravity
Ability: Gravity Well
Description: A male Esper in the shape of a enormous lobster. He is protected by its great armour. In contrast to his left hand, his right hand is a paw. He has a long tale with a sharp end.
Limit Break: Big Bang. Zeromus prepares himself for the attack, as he unfolds his tale from his back. After the exposure, he charges his paw and launches an energy ball, causing a great gravitative explosion when it hits the enemy.
[ Adrammelech ] Mist Charge: 1 - LP Cost: 25
Title: Wroth
Zodiac: Capricorn
Element: Lightning
Abilities: Curaga, Bio, Thundara, Flash Arc
Description: A male Esper in the shape of a giant dragon. The Esper has the body of a winged lizard, but the face of a goat.
Limit Break: Judgment Bolt. Adrammelech flies high up in the sky and charges its wings with electrical power. This launches a great electrical explosion causing lightning attacks hitting the enemy.
[ Zodiark ] Mist Charge: 3 - LP Cost: 200
Title: Keeper of Precepts
Zodiac: Serpentarius
Element: Shadow
Abilities: Scathe, Flare, Banish Ray
Description: An Esper in the shape of a tiny insect. The Esper carries a mysterious construction which slightly resembles a horse-hoof.
Limit Break: Final Eclipse. Zodiark falls down in a silver liquid substance, arising thereafter protected by an enormous egg. As the scale of the egg breaks, Zodiark unfolds itself again, now with great wings. While Zodiark closes its wings, it charges a great attack. Zodiark turns into a phoenix, ending its journey with a devastating explosion.
[ Chaos ] Mist Charge: 3 - LP Cost: 90
Title: Walker of the Wheel
Zodiac: Taurus
Element: Multi
Abilities: Holy, Darkga, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Scourge, Aeroga, Whirlwind
Description: An Esper in the shape of an enormous giant. The Esper wears a large armour protecting its body.
Limit Break: Tornado. Chaos unfolds itself, sitting in the Buddha position. It charges four swords in the sky, representing the four elements Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind. As the swords hit their own elemental stones, they charge a great hurricane surrounding the enemy.
[ Hashmal ] Mist Charge: 2 - LP Cost: 50
Title: Bringer of Order
Zodiac: Leo
Element: Earth
Abilities: Attack, Roxxor
Description: An Esper in the shape of a giant bull. It wears the armour of a warrior.
Limit Break: Gaia’s Wrath. Hashmal descends from the ground deeper in the planet. It charges an attack and draws lava around him, launching itself back to the ground causing a great earthquake.
[ Exodus ] Mist Charge: 2 - LP Cost: 50
Title: Judge-Sal
Zodiac: Libra
Element: None
Ability: Comet
Description: A male Esper in the shape of a wise old king. It carries its throne with him.
Limit Break: Meteor. High up in the sky, above multiple pillars, Exodus charges an attack using its throne. When the attack is fully launched, two twisting balls are charged to the sky, forming a giant meteor falling towards the planet, causing great destruction.
[ Famfrit ] Mist Charge: 3 - LP Cost: 90
Title: Darkening Cloud
Zodiac: Aquarius
Element: Water
Abilities: Attack, Briny Cannonade
Description: An Esper in the shape of a giant. It carries a huge ancient bowl on its right shoulder.
Limit Break: Tsunami. As a thunderstorm appears, Famfrit spins its giant bowl with an iron chain high in the sky. It unleashes it towards the planet, but before the bowl hits the earth, it pours its water on the planet, causing an enormous ocean falling on the enemy.
[ Shemhazai ] Mist Charge: 2 - LP Cost: 50
Title: Whisperer
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element: Soul
Ability: Devour Soul
Description: An Esper in the shape of a frightening demon. This Esper has the body of a horse, carries a pillar on its back and hides this all under its giant cape.
Limit Break: Soul Purge. As Shemhazai awakens its pillar on its back, the Esper jumps from a cliff and shoots bullets at the enemy with its gun hands. The bullets cause a nuclear explosion.
[ Belias ] Mist Charge: 1 - LP Cost: 10
Title: Gigas
Zodiac: Aries
Element: Fire
Abilities: Attack, Painflare
Description: A male Esper in the shape of a giant ram. It holds a giant staff in its right hand.
Limit Break: Hellfire. After Belias plays with its staff, it charges a flame attack from the sky on its staff. Thereafter, Belias plunges the lance straight into the ground, causing a wall of fire on the enemy.
[ Cúchulainn ] Mist Charge: 2 - LP Cost: 50
Title: Impure
Zodiac: Scorpio
Element: Poison
Abilities: Attack, Malaise, Curaja
Description: An Esper in the shape of a enormous fat giant. The only thing that covers its body is a tiny skirt under its big belly.
Limit Break: Blight. Cúchulainn dances a little in a forest, before he jumps in the air, charging an attack. When he fully charged it, a giant plant bursts out of his back hitting the ground hard. The plant then spreads a toxic mist over the enemy.

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