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Vaan     A boy who would be a sky pirate.

Age: 17

Race: Hume

Vaan is an easy going, positive young man who lives in the former Dalmasca Kingdom, now under the rule of the Archadian Empire. Vaan lost his family in a previous conflict and now dreams of commanding an air ship to escape the conquering Archadia. Vaan joins the resistance in order to free the citizens and the royal family of Dalmasca.

Click here to view Vaan's Shrine!
Ashe     A princess. When all is lost, she builds it anew.

Age: 19

Race: Hume

Ashe is the daughter and only child of King Dalmasca, who died during the Archadian invasion. After Dalmasca was conquered, Ashe disappears and forms the resistance against Archadia. She hopes to free the people of Dalmasca from the rule of the Empire.

Click here to view Ashe's Shrine!
Balthier     He flies the skies of Ivalice. The sky pirate.

Age: 22

Race: Hume

Balthier is a sky pirate and pilots a small ship around in the skies of Ivalice. With his companion Fran they prefer to be neutral when it comes to the war between the kingdoms of Ivalice.

Click here to view Balthier's Shrine!
Fran     She can wield any weapon with ease.

Age: N/A

Race: Viera

Fran is part of the Viera race and travels the world with her partner Balthier. She entrusts her faith in combat during her journeys with Vaan and Ashe. While Fran is proficient when it comes to grappling and fencing skills, she is also adept in all forms of weapons.

Click here to view Fran's Shrine!
Penelo     A girl who wants peace.

Age: 16

Race: Hume

Penelo is a 16 year old hume who lives near her close friend, Vaan in Rabanastre of Dalmasca. She lost her family in a previous war and works happily at the bazaar. Her philosophy is "As long as you never give up, things will get better down the road." Penelo loves to sing and dance. She learned martial arts from her older brother, who used to be a knight. Her dancing style is similar to martial arts.

Click here to view Penelo's Shrine!
Basch     A loyal knight who becomes a traitor.

Age: 36

Race: Hume

The 36 year-old Basch is the sixth character in Final Fantasy XII. He was a former general of Dalmasca, but he killed the king when he found out King Dalmasca sold his people to Archadia. Basch also killed Vaan's older brother, Reks, when he had found out the truth. Basch is known as a villian but he travels with Vaan, but his intentions are still clouded in mystery.

Click here to view Basch's Shrine!

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