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A new battle system has been created for Final Fantasy XII. Influenced by Square Enix's own Final Fantasy XI and Vagrant Story, the battles now real-time and take place on the field. No more battle transitions or victory poses. Gil and experience are gained automatically after an enemy is dispatched and some even drop items for characters to pick-up.


+ ADB (Active Dimension Battle)
+ 3D camera
+ Field encounters
+ Three party battles
+ Free movement in combat

During field exploration, all three party members in the active party will be on-screen following the lead character. Players will be able to rotate the camera freely to get a good view of the surroundings. Characters will be seen carrying their weapons in and out of battles with a new battle system called ADB (Active Dimension Battle) in real-time. Players will be able to control the actions and movement of one of three active characters at once. It's also possible to pause during the battle with the Circle button for issuing commands and switching control to the other two characters at any moment.

Available enemy targets will have an icon appear above their heads when the party moves within combat distance. When an attack is issused, an arch appears between the character and the enemy, indicating which target the character is focused on. Similar to FFX-2, commands are issused, the ATB bar begins to fill and the character will perform the action when his or her ATB bar is full. Characters will automatically keep on attacking the enemy until the battle ends or a new command is issued. Other than Black and White, Green is a new branch of Magic. Green Magic will contain buffs like Shell and status-infliciting magic like Blind. A new Gambit system will allow players to select certain strategies and tactics for the characters controlled by A.I. The new battle system also takes into account character placement that add a layer of strategy to battles. Melee characters can be pushed to the front in order to prevent the enemies from attacking the ranged characters shooting from behind.

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