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Named after the older Final Fantasy Summons, the Airships in Final Fantasy XII may catch the eye of any player. This installment in the series features a big range of them in different shapes and sizes compare to previous Final Fantasies.

Although there are so many of them, not all will be controllable. Some airships will become parts of the dungeons that you will have to go through to complete the game.
[ Strahl ]
Strahl is a ship that belongs to Balthier and Fran. It will become your main method of transportation throughout the world of Ivalice.
Click here to view the airship "Strahl"
[ Alexander ]
Alexander has an appearance of a mighty castle. Before becoming an airship, he was a summon in Final Fantasies such as VI, VII and VIII. He has also shown up in FFIX as a part of Alexandrian castle.
Click here to view the airship "Alexander"
[ Atomos ]
Atomos has not appeared in Final Fantasy before as much. In FFI (Dawn of Souls) and FFV he played a role of an enemy, and appeared only once in a summonable form in FFIX as Garnet’s eidolon.
Click here to view the airship "Atomos"
[ Bahamut ]
This airship has been created by Dr. Cid. Just like Strahl, it is one of the most important ships in FFXII because it serves as a final dungeon to the game. Bahamut was always shown in a form of dragon before and he appeared in every Final Fantasy from the main series (other than FFII).
[ Catoblepas ]
This airship is named after a beast that uses an attack that petrifies enemies. It has appeared as a summon in FFV and FFVI. Catoblepas was also present at others Final Fantasies like VIII, IX and X.
Click here to view the airship "Catoblepas"
[ Ifrit ]
Ifrit has been around ever since FFIII. He has shown up in either a form of a summon or a boss in every Final Fantasy after that.
Click here to view the airship "Ifrit"
[ Leviathan ]
Leviathan in Final Fantasy is usually portrayed as a snake-looking dragon that controls the power of water. It has appeared as a summon in most Final Fantasies from the main series. Leviathan will become one of the locations in the game.
Click here to view the airship "Leviathan"
[ Remora ]
Remora is a very small airship. It has appeared once before as a bunch of tiny fish in a form of enemy in FFV. Thus, that might explain why this airship is much smaller than others and why you also be able to fight it in FFXII.
Click here to view the airship "Remora"
[ Shiva ]
Shiva is another sleek looking airship that has a very artsy design. She is widely known to be a summon of a female that casts an ice attack “Diamond Dust” in most Final Fantasies that she’s been in before.
Click here to view the airship "Shiva"
[ Valefor ]
Valefor has only shown up once as a summon in FFX. He had an appearance of a huge feathered bird. The airship shows similar qualities to the summon since it has flexible wings as if it was a bird.
Click here to view the airship "Valefor"

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